St Andrews Learning Agreement

Learn more about learning agreements. Please check our documentation pages to make sure you are completing the correct learning agreement for your program. All non-Erasmus+ students should conclude a learning agreement on the MySaint documentation tool. Click "Create Learning Agreement" to start the process. You will find all the details in the user guide for students above. Please note that your permission to go abroad depends on your consent to the general conditions of study abroad. If you have any questions or concerns regarding your study or work internship abroad, please email us at We may allow internships for students on the UK Government`s FCO Pandemic Exclusion List in the countries. Please note that this list may change, as the global situation remains fluid with regard to the COVID-19 outbreak. If you do not realize your own circumstances, please contact us at The university will continue to monitor the situation closely and will contact all students if the situation changes again. Please note any emails we send about your location and coronavirus context. In order to complete the task before the departure agreement, please specify that it must be completed and send us by e-mail to in case of modification of your planned internship during your mobility: Erasmus+ Learning Agreement - Change to Mobility Form 2019-2020 (Word, 665 KB) Please note that students participate in RLUS or Arabic-foreign programs in Morocco, Qatar and Oman do not need to enter into a learning agreement. Please refer to the relevant section of the document pages for information and deadlines. Please contact us at if you have any questions.

If your Erasmus+ internship 2019-2020 has been affected by the effects of the coronavirus and you have additional outstanding fees related to the internship, which have been exceptional and due to the pandemic, please contact us at All non-Erasmus+ students must enter into an apprenticeship agreement. Discuss your learning agreement with your Study Abroad coordinator before leaving St Andrews and make sure, if possible, to select modules you wish to study at your host university before leaving. If you are making changes abroad, please update your learning agreement. The Study Report Form (Word, 44 KB) should be returned to by August 1. Please note that it is not necessary to complete a learning agreement as part of the task prior to departure. For more information, see below. New updated learning and internship agreements are available via the documentation pages available on this site. We are also working to maintain and strengthen our partnerships in Europe strategically to determine where strong partnerships should be strengthened and developed.

Over the past four years, we have consistently communicated our commitment to cooperation with our partners and we have written to all European partners, as the UK Government`s engagement with the EU has evolved. In addition, we visit our partners, host them here and meet them at conferences and other occasions. We have developed a strong portfolio of scholarships open to those involved in mobility in all destinations, including Europe. We actively participate in Scottish and UK discussions on engagement in Europe after the UK`s withdrawal from the EU and participate in events focusing on these areas, including advice on the future participation of UK higher education institutions in European student and staff mobility programmes. Completed forms to download in the outbound documentation tool.... If you are participating in an Erasmus+ internship as a chemistry student, please use the chemistry-specific internship agreement. . .