Termination Of Sponsorship Agreement

Sponsor title rights - the type of association with a sponsorship theme that a sponsor would generally like to have (examples above). Comply with all relevant rules and regulations of an association in organizing, organizing and promoting an event; ensure that nothing is done that could affect the image or reputation of the sponsor (the sponsor may, for example, include a "moral clause" that, in the case of a sponsorship of a sports team, gives the sponsor the opportunity to take action or terminate sponsorship when a team member or club member violates club or sponsor standards. One or both parties may limit their liability under the agreement by excluding liability for indirect or subsequent damages, by imposing a "ceiling" of liability or in some other way. Ensure that the rights holder has not entered into or will not enter into conflicting contracts on the issue of the event or sponsorship; It is important to indicate precisely for which event or venue the sponsorship will be. Sponsorship could be for example for one or more music concerts at Wembley Arena or for a concert tour of a band. That has to be clear in the treaty. Another example is that Juventus has a kit sponsor for Serie A matches and a Kit sponsor for Champions League matches. Branding - includes the right to integrate the sponsor`s branding into as many items as possible, such as participants` clothing. B, messages on display screens and computer screens, branding at press conferences or interviews with participants. The agreement may also give the promoter the right to combine the rights holder`s trademark with that of the sponsor. In the case of a team, ensure that a certain standard of players participates in the event (i.e., installing a team of relatively unknown people will reduce the value of the sponsorship); If a sponsorship business relationship ends, it is best for a party to document this in writing. In addition to the legal responsibilities of the parties with respect to terminating and notifying the parties of such a decision, a letter is a good way for both parties to recognize the end of their relationship. A letter of termination of sponsorship should make it clear that the relationship is ending and that the date on which this will take effect ends.

Details of the end of the sponsorship may also be appropriate. A sponsor may be entitled to a refund of a portion of the sponsorship fee if the sponsor`s requirements are not met. That the parties treat confidentially the terms of the agreement by all consultants, with the exception of their professional advisors, or, as required by general law; neither party has entered into conflicting agreements with third parties; Official supplier status - the promoter becomes the official supplier of a product or service for a sponsorship topic (e.g.B.