Rumah Wedding Agreement

After not so long of success in the film Two Blue Lines, which marked the production of its third film, which exceeded 1 million spectators after the film Yowis Ben 2 and Ghost Writer, the production house Starvision immediately met the gas release of the next romantic drama entitled Wedding Agreement. Byan (Refal Hady) and Btari (Indah Permatasari) A lively and snarling bridal procession apparently saved sadness for Btari, who had to accept the fact that upon arriving at the house, the husband entered into a marriage contract that said Byan thought his marriage would only last a year and only claimed to be engaged. Byan says he has had a friend for 5 years and the marriage he accepted to please his mother (Priscilla unique), who has cancer. Because the movie Wedding Agreement is a journey to find Mahabbah Ilahiyah, an important illustration for anyone who will live a family. At the beginning of the story, the present Btari Hapsari (Tari) did not expect his marriage to be a nightmare. On the first day comes to the house of Byantara Wicaksana (Bian), her husband Tari is immediately confronted with a marriage contract that stipulates that they will divorce within a year. Another hilarious scene where the secret of sharing the couple`s bed is almost revealed. Refal`s expression was really hilarious. On the other hand, Indah`s panic, which was trying to manage the situation, left a beak. Another advantage of the film is that Archie`s flexibility in polishing the "Home" scene becomes romantic. On the other technical side, the cinematography is beautiful, although it does not use many images of beauty of mountainous landscapes, forests or beaches. The location in the house, jakarta streets and trains and MRI stations also uses beautiful look and spoil the eyes. This film is the first Indonesian film to show the atmosphere of the Jakarta train and the MRI station on the cinema screen.

Another rule is that Bian, although seatap, is on the 2nd floor, while Tari is downstairs. There are limits that cannot be crossed. Sharing the bed from the first night hit Tari hard. In addition, Tari Bian has several times caught contacting Sarah. Dance emotions peaked when Sarah met. Zari`s self-esteem as a hostess was torn apart. Shortly after her marriage, Bian Tari asked to sign a stamp duty agreement that contained her budget for only one year. Then Tari divorces and Bian returns to Sarah`s arms. Mia had offered her novel story to several film production houses, but was rejected until Starvision Plus filmed the content of this novel in 2019. [3] At one point, Bian Tari invited to participate in Papa Bian`s birthday, they acted as a happy couple. On the birthday, they met Bian`s cousin, Aldi, Bian didn`t like Aldi because Aldi was aware of his relationship with Sarah, and they left the birthday even though the event took place. Tari then sought redress for acting in front of Bian`s parents, Tari asked Aldi to accompany him with his monthly purchases at the supermarket.

When Tari waited for Bian to eat at the sushi restaurant, Bian didn`t come. It turns out that Bian came to see Sarah because Sarah had a small car accident. At another time, Pakde and Bude Tari return home to spend the night, and they return to play as a happy couple. Bude also advised Tari because Bude and Pakde were also married for matchmaking, Tari Bude covered the state of his household. . . .