Corporate Rate Agreement Sample

If your company wishes to receive a non-binding offer, you can contact our sales department via the application form above. Send us a request today and get a company contract with great discounts valid at all Zleep hotels. The hotel discount is flexible and can be used in all Zleep hotels - although we open new ones. If you would like a guided tour of one of the hotels before a possible contract, please fill out the form below. They will be contacted soon. A proposal is often only the first step. Once a lead is interested, they will start negotiating the details with you or a member of your hotel`s sales team. Negotiations may be personal, oral or e-mail, but if successful, they will ultimately result in a contract being sent. Contracts are an important step in the sale process, as it is important to prosecute interested parties until an agreement is reached. We advise you to always set a "next step" with each interested person with a date and time set in the calendar. Make travel easier and work more efficiently with a company contract.

We offer a business agreement that you can use throughout the hotel chain to offer a good discount to your business in all our hotels, wherever you need a good bed in the country to sleep. At Zleep Hotels, we guarantee quality and an efficient and fast check-in process so you can relax easily and quickly in our hotel bed after a long day`s work. The most common types of contracts you use are group sales agreements, meeting agreements, group sales and meeting agreements, and corporate collective agreement agreements. The four of us will discuss below. It is important to note here that, while new prospects are very exciting, we do not consider a "won" agreement until the agreements are signed and a down payment has been paid. The only exception is a business rate agreement that we will discuss in more detail later in this article. At Event Temple, we have worked to establish vast hotel sales resources. This manual is designed to provide you with everything you need to get your sales documentation in order. You need different sales agreements for group transactions, meetings, business rates and more. This agreement is used when a customer requests a room block reservation. It`s also called a band. This simple model describes the group`s agreement with your hotel and important logistics such as arrival date, departure date, payment method, contact information and much more.

In general, there are three main types of activities targeted by hotel distribution teams. These are groups, meetings/events and companies. Diving into one of these 3 goals is a much broader discussion. If you are interested, we have written in detail on this subject. Learn more: Ultimate Hotel Sales Guide. Usually, however, the type of business you are targeting starts as a lead, then moves through the sales process until it ends up becoming a booking. During this trip, you will need a variety of hotel sales tools and hotel contract models to convert requests into revenue. Normally, this information is not only stored in the sales contract, it is also transferred to three important operating documents.

These are group groups (for groups and space blocks), banquet or BEOs orders (for events and meetings) and credit card authorization forms (if you don`t have an online payment system or credit card).