Bill An Agreement

You agree that the funds available and recovered from the account you have designated are collected in sufficient amounts to pay all the invoices requested as well as any other payment obligations you have with respect to Marquette Savings Bank. Marquette Savings Bank reserves the right to refuse or cancel an invoice without liability if you do not meet this requirement or other conditions of this Agreement. If you do not have enough funds in your account and Marquette Savings Bank has not exercised its right to cancel or refuse payment of invoices, you agree to pay these obligations upon request. You also ensure that marquette Savings Bank, depending on its choice, can audit any of your accounts with marquette Savings Bank to cover these payment obligations. Marquette Savings Bank has the right to terminate this contract at any time. You can terminate this contract by written notification to Marquette Savings Bank. Marquette Savings Bank is not responsible for firm payments made prior to the reasonable ability of marquette Savings Bank to respond to your notice. You remain indebted for Savings Bank marquette payments on your behalf. Marquette Savings Bank has the right to temporarily suspend your use of the Service due to the lack of available resources when invoice payments are presented and returned to avoid overspending on your account. 18. AUTHORIZED USERS. You are solely responsible for the actions or inaction of your authorized users. You guarantee and guarantee that you have taken all necessary internal measures to ensure that authorized users, in accordance with the provisions of the company`s statutes, the partnership agreement or other internal documents that may govern the appointment of authorized users, are entitled to do so on your behalf: Marquette Savings Bank may cede its rights and/or delegate its obligations or part of its obligations to third parties under this Agreement.

(e) litigation. In the event of a dispute over the service, the financial institution and the service provider agree to resolve the dispute by looking at this agreement. You agree that this Agreement is the full and exclusive declaration of the Terms of Use of the Service, which supports any oral or written proposal or prior agreement, oral or written, and any other communication between you and the Service regarding the purpose of this Agreement. In the event of a conflict between what is said by a service provider and/or by the staff of the financial institution or customer service and the terms of this agreement, the terms of this contract are prevalent.