Ax 2012 Purchase Agreement Workflow

You can copy financial dimensions in-account or in individual positions of a purchase agreement. You can change the dimensions of the chord head or the position of the chord at any time, and then the dimensions are automatically copied into the sharing head or sharing line of the sharing commands. I would use something very similar for my AP workflow, where I could use the amount or value of the chord line, but the conditions for conditional decisions are very limited. Create notification workflows for undauthorized product access. A first question you should ask yourself when creating an advanced workflow is whether or not you want to use the Sub-workflow option. This allows for a main workflow that (perhaps) calls for multiple sub-workflows. At first, it is more difficult to set up (more forms/entities in the game), but in the future, the organization can save time and speed up the introduction of changes. Keep in mind that when you change a workflow, all existing workflow instances are still present in the older workflow, while only new instances are in the new version. A sales contract is a contract that requires an organization to purchase a certain amount or amount using multiple orders over time. In return for this commitment, the buyer receives special prizes and discounts. The sales contract may apply to a certain quantity of a product, a certain amount of currency from a product, or a certain amount of foreign currency from the products in a purchase category.

The prices and discounts of the purchase agreement suspend the prices and discounts indicated in all existing trade agreements. If I send the workflow from the Salesagrementlistpage, then after the update, there is the error message "The scope of the sales agreement must be filled" Also check your way "The scope of the sales agreement must be filled" means, I think, problem number order. The query is named in the getQueryName method of the workflow document, which is why we search for the command workflow for a query called PurchTableDocument: I create my PA workflow on a workflow I created for commands - I used a conditional decision in this PO workflow, I checked it in R2 and the specific button is enabled? Is it possible that your command status is causing the problem? Is it "open order"? How do I create the sales contract approval process in ax 2012? I am new to ax and I have no knowledge of the traffic process of labor authorization process please help me... Yes, I did "Sales and Marketing-->setup--->-Sales-Workflow" When creating a new command workflows (Eter Procurement and Sourcing>Setup>Procurement) and sourcing workflows, there is a whole range of workflows available. For the order itself, there is both a "header" and a "line" workflow, I`ve already experienced line approval, but the number of individual permissions for which I`m just too overwhelming for the customer, so I`ll focus on the "header" workflow. Note: Make sure you have an existing agreement with the same supplier for which your order was established. In addition, the dimensions mentioned in the agreement must be in line with the order. You can place an order using the purchase order. You can then apply the terms of a sales contract to the head of the order. Conditions may contain information, including conditions.

Payment B, delivery conditions and delivery address. You can choose a purchase agreement when you create a new order.